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FAQ - Divorce Kits
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Is the price listed on this website the TOTAL price?

Our price covers everything except the initial Court Filing Fee for Divorce, which we may be able to get waived if you are on Social Security Disability, meet Federal guidelines for low-income households, or are receiving FIA benefits.

All other filing fees for other paperwork and motions (all of which we file for you) are included in our price.

For all the divorce packages that are listed?


After I fill out the information request form and pay for my divorce package, what happens next?

We email you the forms needed for filing. After you sign the form, you will mail them back to us and we will file them with the appropriate court.

So you're not going to send me a bunch of paperwork all at one time for me to try and figure out which form I'm suppose to be filling and when I'm suppose to file it?

We walk you through EACH step, and we take each step ONE step at a time. We also track HOW it should be filed, WHAT should be filed, WHEN it should be filed and WHERE it should be filed. We will have a file for you in our office. When its time for you to go to court for your final hearing, you will then have your file with your copies of everything that has been filed with the court in your possession.

I don't have much knowledge of the court system. Do you give me a checklist of what has to be done next?

You do not need to learn the court system when using our packages, nor do you need to learn HOW to file for a divorce. We keep track of what needs to be done next and let you know what we have done for you each step of the way.

I've heard of other divorce kits that are offered on the net, and people say they are confusing. Am I going to be confused and end up needing help to fill the paperwork out?

That's what we're here for! We do it for you EVERY step of the way. We do the paperwork HOW its suppose to be done, WHEN it is suppose to be done and it gets filed WHERE its suppose to be filed and the WAY its suppose to be filed. We did it for you.

How long will the process take for my divorce to be final?

A divorce without minor children will take 60-90 days. A divorce with minor children will take 2 -6 months.

What are the grounds for a divorce in Michigan?

Michigan is a "no-fault" state. The person filing making the statement "that the goals of matrimony have been destroyed" is all the reason needed for the divorce.

Is there any residency requirement to obtain a Michigan divorce?

Yes. You must live in Michigan for 180 days before you file your complaint for divorce. You must reside in the county in which you file for at least ten days before you file.

What if my spouse lives in another state?

No problem. Michigan's "long-arm" statute gives effect to service of the divorce papers even when served out of state. The out of state spouse is simply given a bit more time, an additional week, to respond to the Summons and Complaint.

Does it matter if my Spouse and I got married in a different state?

No, you can still get a divorce in Michigan.

My spouse and I have property. We have decided who is going to keep what, including the house. I read on your website that you only help with Non-Contested divorces. Can we still use the divorce kit?

Yes. "Non-Contested" means "mutual agreement", you are not arguing over the division of property. If you and your spouse own a home together, and you are in mutual agreement on what should be done with the home, whether one person keeps the home or the home is going up for sale and the proceeds split, that qualifies as a "Non-Contested".

We have minor children together. If I use this divorce package, do I still have to go through the Friend of the Court?

You can have a direct agreement between you and your spouse as to how you want to raise your children. As long as the custodian parent is not receiving government assistance (FIA benefits), you do not have to use the friend of the court to manage the child support.

Do you have attorneys in your office?

We are Paralegals, we are NOT attorneys.

Will anyone from your office be going to court with me?

Several days before your court date, you will receive the documents the court will need to finalize your divorce. You will also receive a 1 page testimonial script (with about 6 sentences on it) that you will "READ" to the judge, you will be in and out of court within 5 minutes successfully divorced.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 1992, with a 100% success rate.

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