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Everyone knows that Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits can be extremely difficult to obtain. Many people feel that the system is designed to be so complicated and time-consuming that the average applicant will simply give up the struggle to win. Many people also feel that the system expects you to give up on fighting for the benefits you deserve!

We don't stop till you win, we are YOUR winning team, we don't give up. AGAINST ALL ODDS, we win disability claims!

Our Advocates have received training in a program designed to exceed any requirements set forth by the Social Security Administration in compliance with the Social Security Protection Act of 2004. To generate an even more powerful representation, our Advocates have completed extensive training to handle SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) or SSI (Supplemental Security Income) claims from start to finish. The Social Security Administration denies 2/3 of all initial claims. With those kind of odds, you need a trained expert on your side.

When people need to file for disability, Social Security doesn't make it easy. Every step of the way can be very complicated. Our services include helping you file your initial claim, representing you in the claims process, and gathering the appropriate medical records on your behalf. If needed, we will represent you by appealing a denied claim and appearing before the Administrative Law Judge. Furthermore, after you are awarded benefits, we will work with you as your claim comes up for periodic review FOR FREE!

Many attorneys ONLY accept Social Security cases at the final stages of the appeals process. Why? Because as time passes, the amount of the back benefits due to you continues to increase--meaning the attorney will be able to collect a higher fee from you. At Disability Advocates of America, we do not believe in delaying your needs!

Please contact us immediately, so we can help you start collecting your benefits as soon as possible.

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